To extend and enhance farm, nutrition, and community development programs of the Department of Agriculture, and for other purposes.


Farm, Nutrition, and Community Investment Act of 2007 - Establishes the farm and ranch profitability grant program.

Extends the market access program.

Revises (and extends certain of) the following conservation programs: (1) the environmental quality incentives program; (2) the conservation innovation grant program; (3) the cost share and incentive payment program; (4) state performance incentives; (5) the wildlife habitat incentive program; (6) the conservation reserve program; and (7) the wetlands reserve program.

Establishes: (1) the cooperative conservation partnership initiative; (2) the comprehensive conservation planning pilot program; (3) the farmland protection program; (4) the debt for agricultural easements program; (5) the conservation risk management pilot program; (6) the (Delmarva) conservation corridor demonstration program; (7) biomass and biorefinery research and development programs; (8) the climate carbon cycle, renewable energy, and climate change research program; (9) the farm and ranch energy efficiency rebate program; (10) the alternative use for biofuel byproducts research program; and (11) the farmers' market pilot program for the disabled.

Authorizes a conservation loan guarantee program.

Revises farmland protection policy provisions.

Requires an electric utility to provide net metering service to a requesting electric consumer.

Extends the: (1) fresh fruit and vegetable program; (2) Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) farmers' market nutrition program; (3) senior farmers' market nutrition program; and (4) farmers' market promotion program.

Provides for Department of Agriculture and Department of Defense (DOD) procurement of locally produced agricultural products.

Revises healthy forests reserve program provisions.

Establishes the community forest and open space conservation program.

Amends the Food Stamp Act of 1977 with respect to: (1) standard deduction increases; (2) combat pay and retirement account exclusions; (3) minimum benefits; (4) countable resource increases; (5) work requirements; (6) program reauthorization; (7) program administration; (8) cash payment pilot projects; (9) block grants for Puerto Rico and American Samoa; (10) legal immigrant eligibility; (11) the emergency food assistance program; (12) the commodity supplemental food program; and (13) community food project competitive grants.

Revises (and extends certain of) the following programs under the Federal Crop Insurance Act: (1) the agricultural management assistance program; (2) the adjusted gross revenue insurance pilot program; (3) crop insurance incentives for beginning farmers; and (4) organic crop provisions.

Extends the: (1) national dairy market loss payment program; (2) dairy export incentive program; (3) dairy indemnity program; and (4) dairy research program.

Sets the FY2008 minimum price for Class 1 milk under a federal marketing order at $15.58 per hundredweight.

Revises: (1) federal milk marketing order provisions; and (2) dairy reporting provisions.

Establishes a federal dairy education loan forgiveness program.

Establishes the: (1) national organic agriculture conversion and stewardship incentives program; and (2) national organic certification cost share program.

Amends the Internal Revenue Code to exclude gains on the sale of development rights or conservation easements on agricultural land for conservation purposes to qualifying entities.

Establishes: (1) a research program to improve specialty crop and livestock survivability; (2) a national clean plant network; and (3) an early pest detection and surveillance improvement program.

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