To amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to increase student access and participation in supplemental educational services, and for other purposes.


Improving Supplemental Education by Improving Parental Awareness Act - Amends the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to require local educational agencies (LEAs) to make supplemental educational services (SES) available to needy students at the beginning of the school year following a school's identification as needing improvement for failing for two consecutive years to make adequate yearly progress (AYP) toward state academic performance standards. (Currently, such services are provided after an additional year of failure.)

Expands the availability of school improvement funds for SES.

Requires LEAs to: (1) provide parents with information concerning SES instructors; (2) choose SES providers using a fair, open, and objective process to operate at school sites for, at most, a reasonable fee; and (3) provide logistical information to providers and outreach to parents.

Directs states to: (1) use valid and reliable methods based on nationally recognized professional standards to monitor SES providers; (2) establish fair removal procedures for providers subject to repeated complaints; (3) assist LEAs with the SES student enrollment process; (4) ensure that such process is fair to all SES providers; (5) if appropriate, require LEAs to use different methods to recruit SES eligible students; (6) if appropriate, provide incentives to rural SES providers; and (7) ensure that disabled and limited English proficient (LEP) children have a choice of at least two SES providers.

Adds to the annual reporting requirement of states and LEAs receiving school improvement funds to require information regarding spending on, and student participation in, school choice and SES.

Requires the Secretary of Education's assessment of SES effectiveness to employ scientifically-based criteria and weigh the participation of disabled and LEP children.

Makes LEAs identified as needing improvement or corrective action ineligible as SES providers.

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