To prohibit the rewarding of suicide bombings, to prohibit terrorist kidnappings and sexual assaults, and for other purposes.


Terrorism Prevention and Deterrence Act of 2007 - Amends the federal criminal code to impose a fine and/or prison term of up to 25 years (or a life term if a death results) for providing, or attempting or conspiring to provide, material support or resources to a perpetrator of international terrorism, or to a family member or other person associated with such perpetrator, with the intent to facilitate, reward, or encourage any act of international terrorism. Provides for expanded jurisdictional bases for prosecuting such offense.

Increases prison terms for providing material support to terrorists and foreign terrorist organizations and for receiving military-type training from a foreign terrorist organization. Prohibits attempts or conspiracies to receive such training.

Increases criminal penalties for terrorist murders or manslaughters of U.S. nationals outside the United States. Specifies separate criminal penalties for kidnappings and sexual abuse of U.S. nationals outside the United States.

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