To authorize the implementation of the San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement.


San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement Act - Directs the Secretary of the Interior to implement the terms and conditions of the Stipulation of Settlement dated September 13, 2006, in Natural Resources Defense Council, et al. v. Kirk Rodgers, et al., in cooperation with the state of California, including measures to: (1) design and construct channel and structural improvements; (2) modify Friant Dam operations to provide Restoration Flows and Interim Flows; (3) acquire water, water rights, or options to acquire water from willing sellers; (4) implement terms and conditions related to recirculation, recapture, reuse, exchange, or transfer of water released for such flows; and (5) develop and implement the Recovered Water Account.

Directs the Secretary to: (1) enter into agreements with California to facilitate or expedite Settlement implementation; and (2) identify impacts associated with such actions and measures to mitigate impacts on adjacent and downstream water users and landowners. Provides that Settlement implementation and the reintroduction of Chinook salmon shall not result in the involuntary reduction in contract water allocations to Central Valley Project long-term contractors apart from Friant Division contractors.

Authorizes the Secretary to: (1) acquire through purchase from willing sellers property needed to implement the Settlement; and (2) dispose of such property. Requires proceeds from the disposal of such property to be deposited into the San Joaquin River Restoration Fund (established by this Act).

Declares that the Settlement satisfies and discharges the Secretary's obligations under the Reclamation Projects Authorization and Adjustment Act of 1992. Provides for the reintroduction of Chinook salmon into the San Joaquin River.

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