To establish an Energy and Environment Block Grant Program, and for other purposes.


Energy and Environment Block Grant Act of 2007 - Directs the Secretary of Energy to establish an Energy and Environment Block Grant Program to make block grants to state or local governments for: (1) energy efficiency and climate protection strategy; (2) technical consultant services to assist in the development of such strategy; (3) energy audits; (4) weatherization programs; (5) financial incentives for energy efficiency retrofits; and (6) grants to nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies for energy retrofits.

Declares the purchase or leasing of equipment or vehicles for the private sector, or of pollution control equipment for private electric utilities, ineligible for funds under this Act.

Requires a local government unit that is a grant recipient to submit to the Secretary a proposed Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection Strategy establishing goals for increased energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Requires a state that is a grant recipient to use at least 70% of the funds received to provide subgrants to otherwise ineligible local government units.

Directs the Secretary to establish an Office of Energy and Environmental Block Grants, which shall in turn establish and implement a Research, Technical Assistance, and Education Program.

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