To amend the Clean Air Act to provide for a reduction in the number of boutique fuels, and for other purposes.


Boutique Fuel Reduction Act of 2007 - Amends the Clean Air Act to add as "extreme and unusual circumstances that prevent the distribution of an adequate supply of fuel or fuel additives to consumers" under which the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may temporarily waive a control or prohibition on the use of a fuel or fuel additive circumstances that are the result of unexpected problems with equipment necessary for transportation and delivery of fuel or fuel additives.

States that EPA shall have no authority, when considering a state implementation plan (SIP) or SIP revision, to approve any fuel included in such plan or revision if the effect of such approval increases the total number of fuels set forth on the published list of approved fuels (currently EPA does not have the authority to approve a fuel if it increases the total number of fuels approved as of September 1, 2004, in all SIPs).

Requires notice and opportunity for comment before the Administrator removes a fuel from the list. Requires EPA to remove a fuel from the list if such fuel has ceased to be included in an SIP or is identical to a federal fuel control or prohibition. Repeals provisions prohibiting EPA from reducing the total number of authorized fuels. Requires EPA to publish a revised list reflecting the reduction in the number of fuels. Deletes as a condition under which the Administrator's authority to approve a control or prohibition respecting any new fuel is limited that such new fuel will increase the total number of fuels on the list.

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