To require all public housing revitalization projects assisted under the HOPE VI program to meet green communities standards.


HOPE VI Green Building and Technical Assistance Act of 2007 - Amends the United States Housing Act of 1937 to prescribe green communities requirements for grant applicants regarding revitalization programs for severely distressed public housing.

Prohibits the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from making a grant unless the applicant's revitalization plan complies with both the mandatory and some of the nonmandatory green communities affordable housing design, development, and operation criteria as they appear on the national Green Communities program checklist. Adds to such criteria specified requirements for nonresidential structures covered by the plan.

Directs the Secretary to establish verification procedures.

Repeals current technical assistance and program oversight funding authority, including those for assistance in connection with establishment and operation of computer centers in public housing through the Neighborhoods Networks initiative. Replaces it with mandatory funding for additional grants to assist: (1) potential and actual revitalization grant applicants in developing and planning revitalization programs; or (2) revitalization grant recipients in obtaining technical assistance in carrying out such programs.

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