To make available on the Internet, for purposes of access and retrieval by the public, certain information available through the Congressional Research Service web site.


Congressional Research Accessibility Act - Requires the Director of the Congressional Research Service (CRS) to make available through a centralized electronic database, for purposes of access by the public through the websites maintained by Members and committees of the House of Representatives, the following information: (1) CRS issue briefs; (2) CRS reports that are available to Members of Congress through the CRS website; and (3) CRS authorization of appropriations products and appropriations products. Excludes any information that is either confidential or the product of an individual, office, or committee research request.

Requires the information to be made accessible between 30 and 40 days after the first day it is available to Members of Congress through the CRS website.

Allows the Director to make such information available without the prior approval of specified congressional committees.

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