To protect the United States by targeting terrorists at the border, and for other purposes.


Fast and Secure Travel at the Borders Act of 2007 or FAST Borders Act of 2007 - Authorizes the Secretary of Homeland Security, through the Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, to establish an automated system for the purpose of the enforcement of U.S. law, including antiterrorism and border security law, to assist in the screening of persons seeking to enter or depart the United States.

States that: (1) such system shall provide an administrative process for an individual to apply to correct any information retained by the system; and (2) such corrective process shall not be construed as creating a private right of action and no court shall have jurisdiction on any case or claim arising from the application of such system or corrective administrative process.

Authorizes: (1) the Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection to require each vessel, vehicle, and aircraft arriving in the United States from, or departing the United States to, a foreign port or place to transmit to United States Customs and Border Protection a passenger manifest and crew manifest; (2) a civil penalty for non-compliance; and (3) sharing of manifest and passenger name record information with other government agencies.

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