To implement the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group.


Iraq Study Group Recommendations Implementation Act of 2007 - Expresses the sense of Congress: (1) that the President should formulate a comprehensive plan to implement the Iraq Study Group recommendations; (2) respecting diplomatic efforts in Iraq; and (3) respecting redeployment of U.S. combat brigades not necessary for force protection and other specified duties by the first quarter of 2008.

States U.S. policy respecting: (1) security and military forces in Iraq; (2) strengthening the U.S. military; (3) police and criminal justice in Iraq; (4) the oil sector in Iraq; (5) improving assistance programs in Iraq; (6) budgetary preparation; and (7) conditions for continued U.S. assistance to Iraq based upon the government of Iraq meeting specified milestones.

Requires the President to report to Congress every 90 days respecting such policies' implementation.

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