To provide financial and other support to the United Nations Population Fund to carry out activities to save women's lives, limit the incidence of abortion and maternal mortality associated with unsafe abortion, promote universal access to safe and reliable family planning, and assist women, children, and men in developing countries to live better lives.


United Nations Population Fund Women's Health and Dignity Act - Authorizes the President to make a voluntary contribution on a grant basis to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to: (1) provide and distribute equipment, medicine, supplies, and expertise to ensure safe childbirth and emergency obstetric care; (2) make contraceptives available for the prevention of pregnancy and sexually-transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS; (3) reduce abortion and related maternal mortality; (4) reduce and eliminate coercive family planning practices; (5) reduce and eliminate sex selection; (6) prevent and treat cases of obstetric fistula; (7) promote abandonment of harmful traditional practices, including female genital cutting and child marriage; (8) reestablish maternal health services in areas where medical infrastructure has been destroyed by natural disasters; and (9) promote the access of unaccompanied women and other vulnerable people to vital services, including access towater, sanitation facilities, food, and health care, in emergency situations.

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