To improve the health of Americans and reduce health care costs by reorienting the Nation's health care system toward prevention, wellness, and self care.


Healthy Lifestyles and Prevention America Act or the HeLP America Act - Amends the Public Health Service Act to require the Secretary of Health and Human Services to convene a task force on childhood obesity.

Provides for: (1) healthy school nutrition environment incentive grants; (2) the establishment of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative to certify a hospital as a baby friendly hospital/center for breastfeeding excellence; and (3) programs to prevent youth problem behaviors.

Healthy Workforce Act of 2007 - Amends the Internal Revenue Code to: (1) allow a wellness program credit for employers; and (2) exclude from an employee's income the fees paid by an employer to an athletic or fitness facility on the employee's behalf.

Requires the Secretary to establish a National Advisory Committee on Community Sports Programs for Individuals with Disabilities.

Provides incentives for states to ensure the safety and convenience of all users of a transportation system, including pedestrians and bicyclists.

Amends the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 to require employers to provide lactation periods and lactation facilities to permit employees to breastfeed eligible children.

Promoting Lifelong Active Communities Every Day Act or the PLAY Every Day Act - Provides for the development of a tool to measure community barriers to participating in physical activity and provides for grants to plan model communities of play.

Requires certain restaurants and vending machines to provide nutritional information about each food offered, including the number of calories.

Directs the Secretary to: (1) impose penalties on the tobacco industry for failure to achieve specified goals to reduce youth cigarette use; and (2) encourage a state program to recognize school-based health centers as a model of delivery for primary care for children eligible for federal medical assistance.

Establishes the HeLP (Healthy Lifestyles and Prevention) AmericaTrust Fund to fund smoking cessation drugs and other programs required by this Act.

Provides for research on obesity, physical activity in schools, and dietary sodium intake.

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