To permit an individual to be treated by a health care practitioner with any method of medical treatment such individual requests, and for other purposes.


Access to Medical Treatment Act - Gives an individual the right to be treated by a health care practitioner with any medical treatment that the individual desires, including a treatment that is not approved, certified, or licensed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, if: (1) the practitioner has personally examined the individual and agrees to treat the individual; and (2) the administration of such treatment does not violate licensing laws.

Authorizes health care practitioners to provide any method of treatment to such an individual if certain requirements are met, including that: (1) there is no reason to conclude that such treatment will cause danger to the individual; and (2) the patient is informed in writing that such treatment has not been approved, certified, or licensed by the Secretary.

Requires a practitioner to report: (1) administering such treatment and discovering it to be a danger to an individual; and (2) the positive effects of an unconventional medical treatment for a life-threatening medical condition.

Allows an individual to introduce or deliver into interstate commerce, or to produce, transport, receive, or hold, a food, drug, device, or equipment solely for use in accordance with this Act if there have been no advertising claims made by the manufacturer, distributor, or seller with respect to a medical treatment.

States that nothing in this Act shall in any way adversely affect the distribution or sale of dietary supplements.

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