To establish the Trinity River Restoration Fund, and for other purposes.


Trinity River Restoration Fund Act of 2007 - Establishes in the Treasury the Trinity River Restoration Fund to be available to the Secretary of the Interior for use solely for the purpose of implementing the preferred alternative identified in the Record of Decision issued by the Secretary with the concurrence of the Hoopa Valley Tribe on December 19, 2000, on Trinity River Mainstem Fishery Restoration. Authorizes the Secretary to accept and expend funds from public and private sources to assist in the implementation of the Record of Decision.

Provides that amounts deposited into the Fund for specific purposes shall be expended for those purposes only and shall not be subject to appropriation. Requires specified deposits to the Fund from: (1) the capital component of payments made pursuant to long-term contracts with the Bureau of Reclamation by Central Valley Project (CVP) water and power contractors; and (2) non-federal funds contributed to the United States for implementation of the Record of Decision or federal funds appropriated to the Trinity River Restoration Fund.

Makes federal costs of implementing this Act nonreimburseable under federal reclamation law.

Sets forth provisions regarding: (1) funding in the event Central Valley Project (CVP) capital repayments fall below necessary levels; (2) biennial summary reports from the Secretary; (3) required cost of living adjustments; and (4) a reduction of CVP's capital repayment obligation by the amount paid into the Fund.

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