To prohibit the sale of certain inefficient light bulbs, and require the development of a plan for increasing the use of more efficient light bulbs by consumers and businesses.


Leveraging Innovative Gains in High-efficiency Technology (LIGHT) Bulbs Act of 2007 - Instructs the Secretary of Energy to issue regulations prohibiting the sale of light bulbs that emit less than: (1) 25 lumens per watt, effective January 1, 2010; and (2) 60 lumens per watt, effective January 1, 2015.

Requires such regulations to include: (1) procedures for the Secretary to provide exemptions to the prohibition where the Secretary finds that it is not technically feasible to serve a specialized lighting application, such as a military, medical, or public safety application; and (2) civil penalties for violations of this Act.

Directs the Secretary to transmit to Congress a plan for encouraging and providing incentives for the domestic production of more efficient light bulbs by U.S. manufacturers.

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