To greatly enhance the Nation's environmental, energy, economic, and national security by terminating long-standing Federal prohibitions on the domestic production of abundant offshore supplies of natural gas, to dedicate fixed percentages of the resultant royalties for environmental restoration projects, renewable energy and carbon sequestration research, and weatherization and energy assistance for those in need, and to share a portion of such royalties with producing States, and for other purposes.


National Environment and Energy Development Act - Declares without force or effect all federal prohibitions against the expenditure of appropriated funds to conduct natural gas leasing and preleasing activities for any area of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

Revokes all withdrawals of federal submerged lands from leasing for natural gas exploration and production.

Amends the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to prohibit the Secretary of the Interior from: (1) granting a natural gas lease for any OCS located within 25 miles of a state coastline; or (2) issuing any lease for natural gas exploration or development in any OCS area located within 50 miles of a state coastline unless the state has enacted a law approving such lease.

Prohibits the Secretary from issuing a lease for natural gas exploration or development in any OCS area located more than 50 miles and less than 100 miles from the coastline of a state if the state has enacted a law disapproving such lease issuance.

Sets forth an allocation schedule (including designated reserve accounts) for revenues derived from bonus bids and royalties under qualified gas leases on submerged lands located within the seaward boundaries of a state.

Modifies requirements for deeming state seaward boundaries.

Authorizes the Secretary to issue leases for development and production of natural gas and associated condensate.

Expresses the intent of Congress that this Act result in a healthy and growing American industrial, manufacturing, transportation, and service sector employing America's workforce to assist in the development of affordable energy from the OCS.

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