To sever United States' government relations with the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma until such time as the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma restores full tribal citizenship to the Cherokee Freedmen disenfranchised in the March 3, 2007, Cherokee Nation vote and fulfills all its treaty obligations with the Government of the United States, and for other purposes.


Severs the United States relations with the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma until the Cherokee Nation is meeting all of its treaty obligations and other federal statutory obligations, including all obligations with the Treaty of 1866 and has restored the rights of Cherokee Freedmen disenfranchised from the Cherokee Nation in the March 3, 2007, Cherokee Nation vote to remove them from the Cherokee Nation.

Requires a report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) on the Cherokee Nation's expenditure of federal funds, as well as other specified reports from federal agencies, the Secretary of the Interior, and the National Indian Gaming Commission.

Suspends the Cherokee Nation's authority to conduct gaming operations until it is in compliance with all treaty and other obligations with the United States.

Grants any Cherokee Freedman a private right to bring actions for injunctive relief, declaratory relief, or monetary damages against the Cherokee Nation, officials of the Cherokee Nation, or federal officials.

Directs the Attorney General to issue a finding on whether the federal civil rights of the Cherokee Freedmen have been violated by the Cherokee Nation and/or the Department of the Interior.

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