To establish guidelines and incentives for States to establish criminal drug dealer registries and to require the Attorney General to establish a national criminal drug dealer registry and notification program, and for other purposes.


Communities Leading Everyone Away From Narcotics Through Online Warning Notification Act 0f 2007 or the CLEAN TOWN Act of 2007 - Requires states, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, the United States Virgin Islands, and federally recognized Indian tribes (jurisdictions) to establish and maintain jurisdiction-wide criminal drug dealer registries. Sets forth requirements for registration and types of information to be included. Requires jurisdictions to provide Internet access to information about each criminal drug dealer listed, with mandatory exemptions for certain confidential information.

Directs the Attorney General to establish and maintain: (1) a national database at the Federal Bureau of Investigation to be know as the National Criminal Drug Dealer Registry; (2) a National Criminal Drug Dealer Public Internet Site; and (3) Criminal Drug Dealer Management Assistance program.

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