To require the manufacturers, packers, and distributors of prescription drugs and medical devices to disclose certain gifts provided in connection with detailing, promotional, or other marketing activities, and for other purposes.


Drug and Medical Device Company Gift Disclosure Act - Amends the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to require prescription drug or medical device manufacturers, packers, and distributors to annually disclose to the Commissioner of Food and Drugs the value, nature, and purpose of any : (1) gift made in connection with detailing, promotion, or other marketing activity to any physician, nurse, therapist, hospital, nursing home, pharmacist, health benefit plan administrator, or any other person authorized to prescribe or dispense prescription drugs; and (2) cash rebate, discount, or other financial consideration given to any pharmaceutical benefit manager in connection with such marketing activities. Defines "gift" to include any fee, payment, subsidy, amenity, object, service, or other economic benefit, except: (1) free samples of prescription drugs; (2) reasonable compensation and reimbursement of expenses in connection with a bona fide clinical trial; and (3) certain scholarships or other support for medical students, residents, or fellows to attend conferences. Applies such provisions only if the total value of the gift or gifts is $50 or more during the calendar year.

Requires the Commissioner to: (1) make such information available to the public; and (2) keep confidential any information related to a trade secret. Establishes civil penalties for violations.

Gives the Commissioner authority to investigate compliance with this Act. Authorizes the Commissioner to file a petition in the United States District Court for an order requiring submission of a report or other appropriate relief.

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