To promote the construction of green buildings in the United States, and for other purposes.


Advanced Design in Energy for Living Efficiently Act of 2007 - Requires the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to: (1) coordinate and provide information on green building design and practices; (2) establish a program to create and distribute information on green building design principles; and (3) establish criteria for education and training of architects, engineers, and developers in green building design and application.

Requires the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) to establish a blue ribbon panel to: (1) provide independent counsel to the Administrator on policy issues associated with green building design and practices; (2) report on the results of a study to determine best practices for quantifying the information necessary to make informed property investment decisions; (3) report on funding necessary for research and development on green building design; and (4) establish standards for the construction of new buildings that will reduce carbon emissions.

Requires the U.S. Comptroller General to study the use of the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development's program for energy efficient mortgages insured under the National Housing Act.

Authorizes the Administrator, acting through NIBS, to award grants to state educational agencies to provide sub-grants to local educational agencies for planing and preparing for healthy, high-performance school building projects.

Requires the Administrator: (1) acting through NIBS, to assist local education agencies on sustainable designs; and (2) to establish a program to make loan guarantees available to public institutions of higher education for the construction or renovation of permanent buildings that meet the greenhouse gas emission standards.

Requires federal agencies to: (1) increase the energy efficiency of their facilities and operations; (2) annually report on the associated energy efficiency increases and carbon emission reductions; and (3) reward employees who make significant contributions to the reduction of agency carbon emissions.

Requires federal agencies' energy managers to receive training on green building design, construction, use, and decommissioning.

Requires the Comptroller General to transmit to Congress a report comparing the energy efficiency budget request by the President for each federal agency for FY2006-2007 with each agency's request.

Requires the Administrator to make block grants to state and local governments for: (1) renovating existing buildings to achieve NIBS standards; (2) redesigning existing plans to enable new buildings to meet such standards; (3) researching and developing technologies to enable and support green building design and the achievement of such standards; and (4) educating and training on green buildings and their construction, use, and decommissioning.

Amends the Internal Revenue Code to increase and extend the energy efficient commercial building deduction.

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