To reaffirm and clarify the Federal relationship of the Dunlap Band of Mono Indians as a distinct federally recognized Indian Tribe.


Dunlap Band of Mono Indians Reaffirmation Act - Reaffirms federal recognition of the Dunlap Band of Mono Indians (the Tribe). Makes all federal laws of general application to Indians and Indian tribes applicable with respect to the Tribe.

Reaffirms all rights and privileges of the Tribe and members of the Tribe which may have been abrogated or diminished or lost as a result of administrative oversight or neglect, or as a result of implementation of the termination policy of the federal government in California to the Tribe and its members.

Makes the Tribe and its members eligible for all programs, benefits, and services provided by the United States to Indians and Indian tribes.

Requires the Secretary of the Interior to take into trust specified real property for the benefit of the Tribe. Makes any real property taken into trust become part of the Tribe's reservation.

Sets forth requirements regarding: (1) the initial membership of the Tribe; (2) the interim government of the Tribe; and (3) a constitution for the Tribe.

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