To authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to make grants to States, units of general local government, and nonprofit organizations for counseling and education programs for the prevention of predatory lending and to establish a toll-free telephone number for complaints regarding predatory lending, and for other purposes.


Financial Literacy for Homeowners Act - Authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to make grants to state and local governments and nonprofit organizations to implement anti-predatory lending activities, including: (1) consumer education programs; (2) certified home ownership counseling programs; and (3) referral services for homeowners and prospective homeowners.

Directs the Secretary provide for establishment, operation, and publication of a nationwide toll-free telephone number to receive consumer complaints regarding predatory and unscrupulous lending practices relating to home loans.

Establishes the Predatory Lending Advisory Council to: (1) advise the Secretary; and (2) study and report to the Secretary and Congress on the root causes of default and foreclosure of home loans.

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