To provide law enforcement critical tools and resources for preventing and enforcing violent crime.


Violent Crime Prevention and Enforcement Act of 2007 - Amends the federal criminal code to: (1) authorize the Attorney General to impose civil fines on firearms licensees who willfully violate federal firearms laws; (2) increase criminal penalties for transferring firearms for use in crimes of violence or drug trafficking and for conspiracies against the United States; (3) increase criminal penalties for felons with prior convictions for violent crimes and serious drug offenses who unlawfully possess firearms; (4) expand criteria for the detention for persons charged with firearms offenses prior to trial; (5) include other felony crimes of violence in the prohibition against interstate travel to commit murder-for-hire and increase criminal penalties for such crimes; (6) impose a 10-year limitation period for prosecutions of noncapital crimes of violence and terrorism; and (7) impose increased criminal penalties for illegal aliens who commit felony crimes of violence or drugtrafficking.

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