To impose a temporary moratorium on the discharge of members of the Armed Forces for personality disorder, except in certain specified cases.


Fair Mental Health Evaluation for Returning Veterans Act - Prohibits the Secretary of a military department from discharging due to a personality disorder a member of the Armed Forces who has served on active duty in a combat zone until the later of the date of: (1) completion by the Secretary of Defense (Secretary) of a review of Department of Defense (DOD) policies and procedures for diagnosing such a disorder; (2) issuance by the Secretary of policies and procedures to ensure the appropriate use of such a discharge; (3) establishment by the Secretary of an independent review board for personality disorder discharges; (4) submittal by the Secretary of a report to Congress on progress in implementing the requirements under (1) through (3), above; or (5) the date that is 45 days after the date of the submission of the report referred to in (4), which period shall permit Congress to consider the report.

Provides an exception to such requirement in the case of a memberwho, during recruitment for or enlistment in the Armed Forces, provided false or misleading information, or omitted providing information about past criminal behavior, that is material to a discharge for personality disorder.

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