To provide greater accountability in reviewing the national security considerations of free trade agreements.


Trade-Related American National Security Enhancement and Accountability Act - Requires the United States Trade Representative (USTR), before commencing negotiations with a foreign country for a free trade agreement, to report to Congress on the national security considerations likely to result from it.

Prohibits the United States from entering into a trade agreement unless it authorizes the President to suspend it, or any part of it, whenever necessary to ensure U.S. national security.

Establishes the Congressional Executive Commission on Trade Security. Requires transmittal to the Commission of each final report on a presidential decision to suspend part or all of a trade agreement. Requires the Commission to: (1) review the report and in turn report to Congress on whether or not the suspension authority should be exercised; and (2) review on an ongoing basis and report to Congress on the same issue with respect to every existing free trade agreement.

Directs the President to exercise the suspension authority if approved by a joint resolution of Congress.

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