To promote advanced plug-in hybrid vehicles and vehicle components.

8/3/2007--Reported to House without amendment, Part I.    (There is 1 other summary)

(This measure has not been amended since it was introduced. The summary has been expanded because action occurred on the measure.)

Directs the Secretary of Energy to establish a program to: (1) provide loan guarantees for the construction of facilities for the manufacture of advanced vehicle batteries and battery systems; (2) provide grants to state governments, local governments, metropolitan transportation authorities, air pollution control districts, or private or nonprofit entities to carry out projects to encourage the use of plug-in electric drive vehicles or other emerging electric vehicle technologies; (3) provide electric drive transportation education nationwide, including to establish a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle competition known as the Dr. Andrew Frank Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Competition for institutions of higher education; (4) make grants to owners of domestic motor vehicle manufacturing or production facilities for the production of plug-in hybrid electric motors or conversion modules to convert vehicles to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles; and (5) provide revolving loans to eligible entities to carry out qualified electric transportation projects. Authorizes appropriations.

Amends the Energy Policy Act of 2005 to provide grants to hybrid component manufacturers to encourage domestic production of plug-in electric hybrid vehicles. Authorizes the Secretary to coordinate such grant program with similar state and local programs, including by: (1) establishing matching grant arrangements; and (2) retaining and retraining skilled workers from manufacturing facilities that have recently closed or will close in the near future to produce plug-in electric hybrid vehicles and hybrid components. Authorizes appropriations.

Amends the Energy Policy Act of 1992 to: (1) revise the definition of "alternative fueled vehicle" to include medium or heavy duty hybrid vehicles for purposes of provisions requiring the acquisition of such vehicles for federaland state fleets; and (2) allow a credit to a fleet that, or covered person who, acquires certain electric drive vehicles. Authorizes appropriations.

Requires: (1) a market assessment to be made for electric drive transportation technologies and hybrid technologies; (2) a study of the implications of the use of plug-in electric vehicles and other types of electric transportation on the electric grid and on the production of electricity from renewable sources; and (3) the Secretary to provide grants to eligible electric utilities to conduct programs to encourage owners of electric drive transportation technologies to use off-peak electricity. Authorizes appropriations.

Directs the Secretary of Transportation to study, and report to Congress on, the benefits of and barriers to widespread use of plug-in hybrid electric drive vehicles and plug-in electric drive vehicles (city cars). Authorizes appropriations.

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