To terminate the national security waiver that has been used to deny the payment of the high-deployment allowance to members of the Armed Forces serving lengthy or numerous deployments since September 11, 2001, and to extend the allowance to members who have been deployed since that date in excess of the rotation frequencies for reserve component members of one year mobilized to five years demobilized and for regular component members of one year deployed to two years at the permanent duty station, and for other purposes.


Fair Pay for America's Troops Act - Prohibits the suspension of military active-duty deployment limits by the President for national security purposes from being used to deny the payment of a high-deployment allowance to a member of the Armed Forces if the member is otherwise qualified. Sets such such allowance at $1,000 per month. (Current law allows an amount at the discretion of the Secretary of the military department concerned, not to exceed $1,000.) Repeals the authority to exclude from eligibility for such allowance specified duty assignments approved by the Secretary of Defense.

Allows for the payment of such allowance in the case of excess active-duty rotation frequencies for reserve personnel.

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