To require internal ethics compliance programs by Department of Defense contractors, and for other purposes.


Defense Contracting Ethics Oversight Act of 2007 - Directs the Secretary of Defense to prescribe in regulations a requirement that a Department of Defense (DOD) contracting officer may not determine a contractor to be responsible for the award of a covered contract for DOD (one in excess of $5 million) unless the contracting entity has in place, within 30 days after contract award, an internal ethics compliance program to facilitate the timely detection and disclosure of improper conduct in connection with the award or performance of the contract, and to ensure that appropriate corrective action is taken with respect to such conduct. Allows for the suspension or debarment of contractors determined not to have reported suspected improper conduct.

Requires a report from the Administrator of Federal Procurement Policy to Congress on personal financial conflicts of interests of contractor employees and employees of federally funded research and development centers.

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