To bridge the digital divide in rural areas.


Rural America Digital Accessibility Act - Authorizes the Secretary of Commerce to make grants or guarantee loans in order to facilitate the deployment by the private sector of broadband telecommunications networks and capabilities (including wireless and satellite services) to underserved rural areas. Limits to $100 million the total amount of such grants and loan guarantees.

Requires the Director of the National Science Foundation to research the enhancement or facilitation of broadband telecommunications services in rural and other remote areas, as well as Internet access through such services.

Amends the Internal Revenue Code to provide a tax credit to holders of qualified technology bonds (bonds representing an investment in projects to expand such telecommunications services). Sets a national technology bond limitation of $100 million for each of FY 2007 through 2011, and zero thereafter (with an exception) to be allocated by the Secretary among the qualified projectsdesignated each year.

Directs the Secretary to provide financial assistance for the establishment and support of regional centers for the commercial use of advanced technologies by small and medium-sized businesses.

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