To establish a National Commission on the Infrastructure of the United States.


National Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2007 - Establishes: (1) the National Commission on the Infrastructure of the United States to ensure that U.S. infrastructure meets current and future demand and facilitates economic growth; and (2) an advisory group, which shall include specified Cabinet level officials, to provide assistance and advice to the Commission.

Requires the Commission to study the state of U.S. infrastructure, including such matters as: (1) the capacity of infrastructure improvements to sustain economic development and competitiveness and to support a sustained and expanding economy; (2) the age and condition of public infrastructure; (3) the methods used to finance the construction, acquisition, rehabilitation, and maintenance of public works improvements; (4) investment requirements needed to maintain and to improve facilities and the projected share of investment requirements and expenditures on infrastructure facility improvements by federal, state, and local governments; and (5) estimates of the return to the economy from public works investment.

Directs the Commission to develop recommendations regarding: (1) a federal infrastructure plan that will detail national infrastructure program priorities; (2) public works improvements and methods of delivering and providing for public works facilities; (3) analysis or criteria and procedures that may be used by federal agencies and state and local governments in inventorying existing and needed public works improvements, assessing the condition of improvements, and developing uniform criteria and procedures; and (4) proposed guidelines for the uniform reporting by federal agencies of data regarding infrastructure improvements.

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