To authorize the establishment of a National Center for Learning Science and Technology Trust Fund.


Revolutionizing Education Through Digital Investment Act of 2007 - Establishes a National Center for Learning Science and Technology (the Center).

Establishes in the Treasury the "National Center for Learning Science and Technology Trust Fund," the amounts of which may be used for: (1) supporting basic and applied research development and demonstrations of innovative learning and assessment systems and the components and tools needed to create them; (2) supporting the testing and evaluation of those systems; and (3) encouraging the widespread adoption and use of effective approaches to learning.

Creates a board of directors for the Center to oversee the administration of the Center. Authorizes the Director of the Center to award contracts and grants to colleges and universities, museums, libraries, public broadcasting entities and similar nonprofits and public institutions (with or without private partners).

Requires: (1) the Director to submit, to the President and specified congressional committees, an annual report which shall include a statement from the Board of its plans and priorities for expenditures and an estimate of funds that will be available for such expenditures from the Trust Fund; and (2) the Director and the Center's principal officers to testify to appropriate congressional committees about such reports and any other appropriate matters.

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