To provide for the transfer of the Library of Congress police to the United States Capitol Police, and for other purposes.


U.S. Capitol Police and Library of Congress Police Merger Implementation Act of 2007 - Transfers each Library of Congress (LOC) police employee and each LOC civilian employee to the U.S. Capitol Police.

States that: (1) a LOC Police employee shall become a member of the Capitol Police on the employee's transfer date if the Chief of the Capitol Police determines and issues a written certification that the employee meets specified eligibility requirements; and (2) if the Chief determines that such requirements are not met, then such employee shall become a civilian employee of the Capitol Police.

Requires the determination to be made for all LOC Police employees before FY2010.

Exempts LOC Police employees who become members of the Capitol Police from federal mandatory separation law, subject to specified conditions.

Entitles any creditable service accrued by such LOC Police employees before becoming a Capitol Police to be included in calculating theemployee's service as a member of the Capitol Police for purposes of the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) and the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS).

Provides that: (1) the transfer of such personnel shall not cause any such employee to be separated or receive a reduction in pay; and (2) any credited annual, sick leave, other leave, or compensatory leave of the individual shall be transferred to the individual's credit as a member or employee of the Capitol Police.

Requires the Librarian of Congress to establish standards and regulations for the physical security, control, and preservation of the Library of Congress collections and property, and or maintenance of suitable order and decorum within the Library.

Amends the Library of Congress Fiscal Operations Improvement Act of 2000 to provide for payment of Capitol Police services for Library of Congress special events.

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