To provide assistance to Iraqi nationals who supported the United States, and for other purposes.


Relocation Empowerment and Placement Assistance for Iraqi Refugees Act of 2007 or REPAIR Act of 2007 - Waives visa and related fees relating to special immigrant status for Afghan or Iraqi nationals who worked with the U.S. Chief of Mission or the U.S. Armed Forces as interpreters or translators.

Waives numerical limitations with respect to such special immigrants.

Expands such category to include persons who: (1) performed such services with a U.S. contractor; or (2) performed other services.

Makes additional U.S. military officers eligible to recommend such nationals for special immigrant status.

Directs the Secretary of State (Secretary) to make every effort to ensure that aliens applying for special immigrant status and visas, and aliens applying for refugee status and visas, may apply and interview within Iraq in Baghdad and Irbil through in-country processing mechanisms.

Directs the Secretary and the Secretary of Defense to jointly establish a program to offer federal employment to relocated Iraqi special immigrants as translators, interpreters, and cultural awareness instructors.

States that such special immigrants shall be eligible for the same resettlement assistance as refugees.

Directs the Secretary to provide such special immigrants with computer literacy and vocational training, English language training, and employment and counseling services.

Expresses the sense Congress that the United States should provide an orientation into life in the United States for Iraqi special immigrants and should make all reasonable efforts to provide temporary safe haven for alien applicants who are in imminent danger in Iraq.

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