To provide for a reporting requirement regarding communications between the Department of Justice and the White House relating to civil and criminal investigations, and for other purposes.


Security from Political Interference in Justice Act of 2007 - Defines "covered communication" as any communication relating to an ongoing Department of Justice (DOJ) civil or criminal investigation (regardless of whether a civil or criminal indictment or information has been filed). Excludes from such definition any communication relating to policy appointments, legislation, rulemaking, budgets, public relations, programmatic matters, intergovernmental relations, administrative or personnel matters, appellate litigation, or requests for legal advice.

Defines "covered Department of Justice officer" as the Attorney General, the Deputy Attorney General, and the Associate Attorney General. Defines "covered White House officer" as the President, the Vice-President, the Counsel to the President, and the Counselor to the President.

Requires the Attorney General to submit semi-annual reports to the Judiciary Committees of Congress listingthe name and title of each DOJ officer or employee who made a covered communication with any officer or employee of the Executive Office of the President in the previous six-month period. Requires the Counsel to the President to make the same semi-annual reports listing the name and title of each officer or employee of the Executive Office of the President who made a covered communication with any DOJ officer or employee. Allows the exclusion of covered DOJ and White House officers from such reports.

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