To assure quality construction and prevent certain abusive contracting practices by requiring each bidder for a Federal construction contract to identify the subcontractors that the contractor intends to use to perform the contract, and for other purposes.


Construction Quality Assurance Act of 2007 - Provides implementation dates for proposed revisions to the Federal Acquisition Regulation and final regulations necessitated by this Act.

Requires each solicitation by an executive agency for the procurement of construction in excess of $1 million to require each bidder to submit as part of such bid the name, business location, and nature of work of each subcontractor with whom such bidder, if awarded the contract, will subcontract for work in excess of $100,000. Considers as non-responsive any bidder that fails to list such subcontractors.

Outlines required procedures for the substitution of a listed subcontractor, including consent by the contracting officer for good cause shown. Outlines examples of good cause and requirements for substitution requests. Prohibits, without good cause shown, the assignment or transfer of a subcontract. Imposes damages upon a contractor for violation of substitution requirements. States that the imposition of such damages shall be grounds for the disbarment or suspension of a contractor from federal contracts.

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