To provide a strategic approach to the war in Iraq to enhance the national security interests of the United States both at home and abroad, while ensuring the safety of the United States Armed Forces and ensuring stability in Iraq and the Middle East.


Enhancing America's Security through Strategic Redeployment from Iraq Act - Sets forth the following findings: (1) ending the war in Iraq is necessary, however, how the war is ended is of even greater importance for U.S. national security, the safety U.S. Armed Forces members serving in Iraq, and stability in both Iraq and the Middle East; (2) an open-ended U.S. involvement in Iraq is not in the interest of U.S. national security and U.S. military forces must be redeployed or risk becoming severely overstrained; and (3) redeployment from Iraq will be a lengthy process.

Declares that: (1) it is critical that a comprehensive security plan is developed for Iraq and the region that accepts the necessity for a deliberate U.S. redeployment of forces from Iraq; (2) a planned end to U.S. involvement in Iraq will serve to force Iraqi leaders to assume responsibility for security and governance while providing Iran and Syria the incentive to prevent violence otherwise causedby the U.S. redeployment; and (3) a "goal" for the redeployment's end rather than a "date certain" end is a necessary compromise to ensure a strategic approach for U.S. security and to create to a greater level of post-redeployment Iraqi stability.

States that: (1) with specified exceptions, redeployment of U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq shall begin within three months, and that within six months troop levels shall be at least 15,000 below the pre-surge level of 130,000 troops; and (2) the goal is that all U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq shall be deployed outside of Iraq within 20 months.

States that funds for the Department of Defense (DOD) for Operation Iraqi Freedom may not be obligated or expended to support more than 115,000 U.S. Armed Forces members within Iraq, with a goal of no funding for troops in Iraq within 20 months.

States that The United States should take a leadership role in diplomatic efforts necessary for countries in the region, including Iran and Syria, towork together to ensure Iraq's long-term stability of Iraq.

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