To provide a civil action for a minor injured by exposure to an entertainment product containing material that is harmful to minors, and for other purposes.


Parents' Empowerment Act - Authorizes a minor, through a person acting on his or her behalf under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, to bring a civil action in U.S. district court for compensatory and punitive damages for the knowing sale or distribution in interstate or foreign commerce of an entertainment product containing material harmful to minors, if: (1) a reasonable person would expect a substantial number of minors to be exposed to the material; and (2) the minor as a result of such exposure is likely to suffer personal or emotional injury or injury to mental or moral welfare.

Makes it an affirmative defense to such an action that: (1) a parent or guardian of the minor owned or possessed the entertainment product containing the material to which the minor was exposed; and (2) an act of that parent or guardian was the proximate cause of the minor’s exposure.

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