To provide grants and loan guarantees for the development and construction of science parks to promote the clustering of innovation through high technology activities.


Building a Stronger America Act - Amends the Stevenson-Wydler Technology Innovation Act of 1980 to direct the Secretary of Commerce to award grants for the development of feasibility studies and plans for the construction of new or expansion of existing science parks.

Allows the Secretary to guarantee up to 80% of the loan amount for loans exceeding $10 million for projects for the construction of such infrastructure.

Directs the Secretary to enter into an agreement with the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) under which NAS shall evaluate, every three years, such development.

Requires the Director of the National Science Foundation (NSF) to enter into an agreement with NAS to study the successes of international partnerships among governments, industry, and academia in advancing the capabilities of science and technology in conjunction with a corresponding increase in business opportunities.

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