To amend title VII of the Social Security Act to require the President to transmit the annual budget of the Social Security Administration without revisions to Congress, and for other purposes.


Amends title XVIII (Administration) of the Social Security Act to: (1) require the Commissioner of Social Security to submit the annual budget of the Social Security Administration (SSA) directly to Congress and the President; (2) specify the general contents of the budget, including the amount of funds required to combat fraud committed by applicants and beneficiaries, the number of pending cases and the average processing time, as well as employment statistics for each hearing and field office; (3) prohibit the Commissioner from closing or otherwise limiting public access to an SSA field office until 180 days after submitting to specified congressional committees a detailed report outlining and justifying the process for selecting field offices to be closed or otherwise have limited access; and (4) require the Commissioner to submit to the same committees, 90 days before revising the comprehensive work force plan which must accompany any appropriations request for SSA staffing and personnel, a document setting forth the revision.

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