Noting the disturbing pattern of killings of numerous independent journalists in Russia since 2000, and urging Russian President Vladimir Putin to authorize cooperation with outside investigators in solving those murders.

6/18/2007--Passed House amended.    (There is 1 other summary)

Recalls the essential role that transparency and the free flow of information play in creating democratic institutions and civil society.

Recognizes the vital contribution made by independent journalists in Russia in bringing transparency and a free flow of information to readers after decades of Communist censorship and repression.

Notes the disturbing trend of murders of independent journalists in Russia over the last decade.

Encourages the President of the United States to offer Russian President Vladimir Putin and other officials of the Russian government law enforcement investigative assistance to help identify and bring to justice those responsible for the many unsolved murders of journalists in Russia.

Urges President Putin to seek out competent, outside law enforcement assistance in the investigation of such murders.

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