Expressing the sense of the Congress opposing removal of dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers for fishery restoration purposes, supporting the renewable energy that the dams produce, and agreeing that their removal does not make sound environmental nor fiscal sense.


Preserve our Salmon and Renewable Energy Resolution - Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) the dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers are essential to commerce in the Pacific Northwest; (2) the survivability rate of salmon and steelhead has increased since the dams have been in place; (3) breaching the dams will not guarantee recovery of salmon and steelhead; (4) the environmental impact of removing the dams will be extremely damaging; (5) the dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers provide renewable pollution free energy to the Pacific Northwest and helps backup California's power grid; and (6) two conclusive and exhaustive studies have already been completed which considered removing the dams or reservoir drawdown on the Snake River and concluded that we need to keep the dams.

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