Amending the Rules of the House of Representatives to strengthen the budget process.


Amends the Rules of the House of Representatives to: (1) require conference reports to include Congressional Budget Office (CBO) cost estimates in their accompanying joint statements if such legislation provides for new budget, spending, or credit authority, or otherwise provides an increase or decrease in revenues or tax expenditures; (2) prohibit consideration of such conference reports if the cost estimates are not included; and (3) require roll call votes on legislation authorizing or providing new budget authority of at least $50 million.

Amends Rule XXI (Restrictions on Certain Bills) to require that any lists of congressional earmarks or limited tax or tariff benefits (and the name of the requesting Member), required for legislation reported or not reported by a committee or included in a conference report, be made publicly available on the Internet in a searchable format at least 48 hours before a measure's consideration.

Revises Rule XIII (prohibitingsame-day consideration of Rules Committee reports) to: (1) specify same calendar day; and (2) extend the duration of the prohibition to 17 hours after the same calendar day.

Prohibits the Rules Committee from reporting a rule or order without two-thirds of the Members voting, a quorum being present, to waive: (1) the layover requirement concerning the availability of reports; (2) the three-day layover requirement; (3) the three-day Internet availability requirement; or (4) the scope requirement.

Prohibits consideration by the House of: (1) reported legislation until the third calendar day on which the underlying measure or matter has been made available by the Rules Committee on its Internet site; or (2) a conference report until the third calendar day on which both it and its joint explanatory statement have been made available on its Internet site.

Requires: (1) the report accompanying any general appropriation bill to contain a separate written justification for each earmark; and (2)each committee to report at six-month intervals to the Speaker and the minority leader on its compliance with its oversight plan. Requires such biannual reports to be made available to the public.

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