To amend the Federal Power Act to make certain changes in provisions relating to National Interest Transmission Corridors, and for other purposes.


National Interest Electric Transmission Corridor Clarification Act - Amends the Federal Power Act to revise the factors the Secretary of Energy may consider in determining whether to designate a national interest electric transmission corridor.

Authorizes the Secretary to consider whether the designation would have potential impacts on natural values and special places considered to be in the national interest. Repeals authority to consider whether designation would serve U.S. energy independence.

Directs the Secretary, before a corridor designation, to analyze all alternatives measures that could address energy transmission constraints or congestion.

Prohibits a corridor designation from encompassing, within one mile of their respective boundaries, lands on which development is prohibited or limited to protect scenic, natural, cultural, or historic resources.

Revises conditions for issuance of permits by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for construction or modification of electric transmission facilities in such a corridor. Requires that a state commission or other state entity with authority to approve facility siting has: (1) disapproved the siting in a decision that FERC considers an abuse of discretion; or (2) unreasonably withheld or delayed making a decision for at least a year.

Requires each permit application to include an engineering study of the feasibility of placing the line underground.

Requires treatment as a taking for which just compensation is due of a diminution of 10% or more in any property value resulting from acquisition of a right-of-way and the construction of a facility on it.

Requires each agency to issue its own record of decision in order to ensure that its environmental review complies with statutory mandates and regulatory requirements.

Repeals any right to appeal to the President an agency denial or failure to act regarding federal authorization for a transmission facility.

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