To improve and consolidate the law relating to restitution in criminal cases.


Criminal Restitution Improvement Act of 2007 - Amends the federal criminal code to: (1) make restitution mandatory for federal crimes resulting in pecuniary loss to identifiable victims, including loss proximately resulting from such crimes; (2) expand the extent of such restitution to include the victim's costs related to the investigation or prosecution of the underlying crime; (3) permit disclosure to crime victims of portions of pre-sentence reports relating to restitution; (4) require courts to enter orders requiring immediate payment of full restitution; (5) prohibit termination of supervised release or probation for convicts with unsatisfied orders of restitution; (6) expand forfeiture provisions to require the forfeiture of any profits made possible by a criminal offense; (7) require courts to enter protective orders to preserve assets available for restitution; and (8) allow an injunction against an individual who is committing or about to commit a federal offense that may result in an order or restitution.

Amends the federal judicial code to revise debt collection procedures relating to criminal restitution and authorize prejudgment remedies in criminal restitution proceedings.

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