To prohibit the provision of Federal economic development assistance for any State or locality that uses the power of eminent domain power to obtain property for private commercial development or that fails to pay relocation costs to persons displaced by use of the power of eminent domain for economic development purposes.


Strengthening the Ownership of Private Property Act of 2007 or STOPP Act of 2007 - Prohibits federal financial assistance under defined federal economic development programs to a state or local government entity that: (1) uses the power of eminent domain to take property from a private entity and transfer ownership to another private entity; or (2) fails to provide, to any person displaced by the use of eminent domain for any economic development purpose, relocation assistance under the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970. Excepts from the first clause property taken for: (1) use by a public utility; (2) a road open to the public or common carriers; (3) an aqueduct, pipeline, or similar use; (4) a prison or hospital; or (5) any use during and in relation to a national emergency or national disaster declared by the President.

Provides a private right of action for the owner of any real property taken by conduct prohibited under this Act.

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