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Tri-Valley CAREs will continue to protect communities and win new progress toward a nuclear weapon-free world. And, let's also take a moment to celebrate our many achievements together.

For 25 years, Tri-Valley CAREs has been a vigilant "watchdog," monitoring activities at Livermore Lab. We alert you with our monthly newsletter, Citizen's Watch, our reader-friendly reports, action alerts and our web site. For a quarter century, we have consistently stepped forward as the conscience of our community, speaking truth to power locally, in Washington, DC and at the United Nations.

We have organized, advocated and litigated to stop nuclear bombs from being developed, radioactive waste incinerators from being built, and bio-warfare research from being allowed to threaten our health and contaminate our communities.

We have acted to expand our democracy and community-right-to-know. We make sure that you and other members of the public have a place at the policy decision-making table. And, we have done this even when we had to creatively build that table from scratch and drag the government to it.

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Legislation OpposedCSN
110-H.AMDT.1052 to H.R.5658 Amendment sought to remove $10 million in funding for energy conservation on military installations and increase funding for the Reliable Replacement Warhead RRW program by $10 million. Sponsor: Rep Pearce, Stevan [NM-2] (introduced 5/22/2008)

This Bill is absolutely nuts. Fortunately there is a bill just introduced to do the opposite.(2) the President should agree to the verifiable reduction of deployed nuclear weapons of both the United States and the Russian Federation to equal levels of ...

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