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Barbara Lee "Speak's for Me" and we have this great new tool to communicate our Legislative desires to our leader.


The East Bay Area in Northern California is one of the most politically savy areas in the country. We need our own Group to Launch support of Legislative Actions.

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110-H.CON.RES.100 Condemning the recent violent actions of the Government of Zimbabwe against peaceful opposition party activists and members of civil society. | Add a comment110
110-H.CON.RES.80 Calling on the Government of Uganda and the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) to recommit to a political solution to the conflict in northern Uganda by engaging in good-faith negotiations, and urging immediate and substantial support for the ongoing peace process from the United States and the international community. | Add a comment110
110-H.R.1921 To affirm the religious freedom of taxpayers who are conscientiously opposed to participation in war, to provide that the income, estate, or gift tax payments of such taxpayers be used for nonmilitary purposes, to create the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund to receive such tax payments, to improve revenue collection, and for other purposes. | Add a comment110
110-H.R.808 To establish a Department of Peace and Nonviolence.

On April 6th, 2009 President Obama Said: "..Our partnership with the Muslim world is critical ... in rolling back the violent ideologies that people of all faiths reject. Our society must begin to shine a light on those who allow violence in our ...

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110-H.RES.740 Condemning in the strongest terms the attacks on African Union peacekeepers that occurred in Haskanita, Darfur, Sudan, on September 29, 2007. | Add a comment110
110-H.RES.910 Calling for the full implementation of the Sudan Comprehensive Peace Agreement. | Add a comment110

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