Report on District AZ-05 for the 111th Congressional Session


Here are the totals of district AZ-05 for the 111th session along with the congress members' actions.

My Representative:
Harry E. Mitchell
Total The District Congress
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Total in
%Yes %No %Blank
1. H.R.156 : To prevent Members of Congress from receiving any automatic pay adjustment in 2010. 50% 50% 0% Yes Yes 1 Email
2. H.R.498 : To make permanent the individual income tax rates for capital gains, and for other purposes. 37.5% 62.5% 0% No Yes 0 Email
3. H.R.1197 : To assign a higher priority status for hospital care and medical services provided through the Department of Veterans Affairs to certain veterans who are recipients of the medal of honor. 37.5% 62.5% 0% No Yes 0 Email
4. H.R.1941 : To allow for additional flights beyond the perimeter restriction applicable to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. 50% 50% 0% Yes Yes 1 Email
5. H.RES.244 : Expressing the support of the House of Representatives for the generous charitable donations made by Americans. 50% 50% 0% Yes Yes 1 Email