Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals become effective citizens within the Federal Legislative process.

Citizens face many barriers to effective participation in the Legislative process.   For people with busy lives, it is very difficult to search for, find, and track Legislation accurately.   When it comes time to communicate with legislators, individuals either rely on form letters--which aren't very effective--or don't know where to start communicating.   For legislators, establishing a meaningful dialog with their constituents is daunting; with tens of thousands of emails each month, legislator's small staffs are poorly equipped to manage their ballooning inboxes.   For activist groups, communicating with legislators has become a costly endeavor, which takes resources away from mission-related work and membership development.

My-Representative.org is working to solve these problems with a simple, elegant, and non-partisan tool-set which helps all stakeholders work more effectively together.   My-Rep is saving time, money, and sanity.   In the process, My-Rep is making the Legislative process accessible--and manageable--for all.

  1. "Individuals, empowered with information, can make intelligent choices, and then their choices can be aggregated to give the kind of a massively parallel processing of all the data that society has to digest and process to guide the economy, to guide self-government." - Vice President Al Gore December 14, 2009
    1. My-Representative.org does the aggregation!

  2. "But when television replaced print, there was kind of a "re-feudalization" of political power -- because those with a lot of money were able to exercise enormous influence in the political system." - Vice President Al Gore December 14, 2009

    1. Time for the People to get Information from the Source & take the media out of the loop. My-Representative.org




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