To improve the organization and procedures of the Department of Defense for the acquisition of major weapon systems, and for other purposes.


Weapon Systems Acquisition Reform Act of 2009 - Requires, with respect to Department of Defense (DOD) weapon systems acquisition organization: (1) a report on systems engineering capabilities; (2) the establishment of a Director of Developmental Test and Evaluation; (3) an assessment of the technological maturity of critical technologies of major defense acquisition programs (MDAPS); (4) the establishment of a Director of Independent Cost Assessment; and (5) the Joint Requirements Oversight Council to seek and consider input from commanders of combatant commands in identifying joint military requirements.

Requires, with respect to DOD weapon systems acquisition policy: (1) the Secretary of Defense to develop and implement mechanisms to ensure the consideration of tradeoffs between system cost, schedule, and performance; (2) the milestone decision authority for an MDAP to have received a preliminary design review and conducted a formal post-preliminary design review assessment before an MDAP may receive Milestone B or Key Decision Point B approval; (3) the Secretary to ensure that each MDAP acquisition plan includes measures to maximize competition at both the prime contract and subcontract level throughout the MDAP's life cycle; (4) the Secretary to undertake specified actions in the event of MDAP critical cost growth; (5) addressing organizational conflicts of interest by contractors in the acquisition of major weapon systems; (6) the establishment of an Organizational Conflict of Interest Review Board; and (7) the Secretary to award DOD military and civilian personnel for performance excellence in the acquisition of DOD products and services.

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